Easy to Use!

...Easy to Use - having owned the ... metronome (= another metronome) I know what a pain it was to program and use. The compas builder on the other hand has a simple drag & drop type interface. There is a short tutorial video on their website, watch that once and you're off to the races. Within 10 minutes I was making my own loops. Though the default loops are very good and most people will be ok just using those..



Great on Mac Book and iMac!

..Now have it on my macbook and also migrated it to my imac this is awesome software indeed... the interface is very easy to use and programme...also great support from the developers ...i do small cafe gigs and often would use solo compas loops this offers so much more in terms of programming and sounds... really enjoying the benefits of this software!



Compás Builder test review by ANDA

(German flamenco magazine (No. 109, 2013, review written by Oliver Farke, Translation: W. Connors))

The beloved flamenco rhythm can really drive you crazy, but it is the most essential component of flamenco. Aids are always welcome even if they are quite rare. The Compás Builder deserves very special attention, a computer program, with which you can create flamenco rhythms. You can do this simply and effectively as well as in attractive sound quality at the same time. Then you might hardly find time to practice guitar, because you are having so much fun accompanying yourself. Together with the guitarist and software developer Herbert Dapper, the Freiburg-based guitarist Jörg Hofmann designed the special flamenco program and tested it extensively. As a result, it is just the right thing for actual practice, because the program is not only a naturally sounding flamenco metronome with features for practicing (such as automatic tempo increases and a Compás clock). The best feature of the Compás Builder is that you can put together complete percussion arrangements ("in CD quality" as Jörg Hofmann emphasized) for practicing, recording and even for performances. When you do this, you can select from the various sounds of instruments such as cajón, djembe, shaker and even many "hand-made" sounds: palmas sordas or claras, knuckles on a table, and beating the rhythm with feet on the floor. The quality of the sound is surprisingly good. You can arrange many bars one after another without repetition, and the accompaniment sounds anything but wooden or machine-made. In addition, there are already many pre-installed solo compás tracks for all rhythms in flamenco, which you can modify easily and adapt to your own needs. You can change the volume of each individual tone. Even remates are possible to make the flamenco pieces really dynamic. It all works a lot more easily than you might believe. A brief film on the website explains how to operate it. The way to your own rhythm group has never been so easy.


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